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What is a Sound Bath Experience?

A Sound Bath Experience is just experience.  The participant of the sound bath listens to the pure tones of quartz crystal singing bowls, a quartz crystal singing pyramid, metal singing bowls, chimes, tingshas, rain sticks, shakers, fairy bells and other ancient sound instruments. The sound bath is unique to each participant and is best experienced first hand rather than described in words.  


Why would I want to experience a sound bath?

A Sound Bath Experience is very relaxing to the mind and body. When the mind and body
can relax, they are able to function more efficiently. While most people enjoy listening to the pure tones and relaxing into the sound vibrations, others will fall asleep during the experience. 


What are the benefits of attending a Sound Bath Experience? 

Even participants in the best of health can benefit from the effects of a Sound Bath Experience. Sound Bath Experiences have been known to strengthen the immune system, calm brain waves, heighten senses, balance emotions, quiet the mind, relax the nervous system and help you reach your highest potential. Many participants of sound baths report positive life-changing events after regular Sound Bath Experiences.


How is a Sound Bath Experience performed?

There are many ways a sound bath can be performed.  

1.  In our exclusive Sound Bath Dome: 

  • Participants suspended securely above in hammocks (up to 20) 

  • Participants sitting or laying on the ground or yoga mat (up to 30) 

  • Participants sitting or laying on the ground (up to 10) and suspended above in hammocks (up to 20). A total of 30 participants. 

2.  Any indoor venue or covered outdoor facility


Where is a Sound Bath Experience performed? 

A sound bath can be experienced anywhere, by anyone. You will most likely find us at yoga festivals, music festivals, retreats, wellness events, art festivals, gem shows, corporate conferences and more. Our sound bath dome and sound bath instruments are portable and will go almost anywhere on the globe.


How long is a Sound Bath Experience? 

Our typical Sound Bath Experience is about 20-30 minutes but can be as long as 1 hour. Sound Bath Experiences can be tailored to your event with as long or short of a time as you would like for participants.  


What do I wear to a Sound Bath Experience? 

Most people wear comfortable cotton clothes that can stretch and move. The effects of sound and vibration are felt better when the participant is comfortable and wearing loose clothing. 


What do I bring to a Sound Bath Experience? 

Simply yourself.  Some participants bring a favorite blanket or pillow.  Others like to bring a favorite stone or crystal to charge in the sound bath.


How can I find out about a Sound Bath Experience near me? 

Click here for upcoming venues or follow us on social media.  


How can I be informed of future Sound Bath Experience events? 

There are several ways to know where the sound bath experience is going to be: 

  • Click on the social media links at the top of this page  

  • CONTACT US with your email and contact information and we will add you to our newsletter. 


How can the Sound Bath Experience come to my event/hometown? 

CONTACT US  to about a Sound Bath Experience in your town or at your event.  


What is the cost for a Sound Bath Experience? 

Most Sound Bath Experiences are affordable at $10 -$25 per participant, depending on the length of the sound bath.  


Can children come to a Sound Bath Experience? 

Children over the age of 4 years old are welcome at all public Sound Bath Experiences. 


Is the sound bath too loud? I am sensitive to noise levels. 

Although we have not measured the actual decibels the sounds can be loud at times. It is advised to bring ear plugs if you have sensitivity to loud noises.  


I am Deaf, can I still enjoy a sound bath experience? 

Yes, we have had many Hearing Impaired and Deaf participants comment about their positive experience and ability to enjoy a Sound Bath Experience. 


How can I buy a crystal or metal singing bowl? 

CONTACT US about purchasing the perfect singing bowl or set of bowls for you. 


I am wheelchair bound, can I still have a Sound Bath Experience? 

You are more than welcome to enjoy a Sound Bath Experience from your wheelchair. Please CONTACT US before the date to find out if there is a suitable wheelchair access at the venue you have chosen.



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