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What are the dimensions of the dome?

  • This is a low profile "lounge-style" dome 

  • Height: 11 ft 

  • Diameter: 30ft 

  • Weight: 645 

  • # of Struts: 190 ( 1 inch round, various sized steel pipes)


How much time does it take to set up the dome? 

  • Assembly time is approximately 3-4 hours and is assembled a day or two before an event. 


How much does the dome weigh? 

  • The dome without a cover weighs approximately 700lbs.


What is the capacity of hammocks in the dome? 

  • The dome will hold up to 30 hammocks with the weight of an average person in each hammock.


What are the hammocks made of?

  • The hammocks are made of 100% light weight nylon parachute material and hung with nylon rope and carabiners. 


What is the weight capacity of the hammocks? 

  • Each hammock can hold up to 400 lbs.


What are the ideal uses for the dome?  

  • Music Festivals, Yoga Festivals, Weddings, Retreats, Parties, Business Conferences, Art Shows, Workshops, Family Reunions, Group camping + many more uses. 


What is the capacity of people in the dome without hammocks? 

  • Estimated standing capacity: 114

  • Estimated dining capacity: 65 

  • Estimated seated conference capacity: 86 


How is the dome covered? 

  • A pure white tarp is used to cover the dome. Some prefer the night sky to be open while others prefer the sunshade during the day.  


It is difficult for me to get in and out of a hammock, are they other ways to enjoy the Sound Bath Experience?     

  • Zero G Lounge chairs are available for those who cannot lay comfortably in a hammock or get up and down off the floor.


What additional dome services are offered? 

  • Outside dome stationary lights, outside projector light show, smoke machine. 


How can I rent the dome? 

  • CONTACT US and we will deliver, set-up and remove the dome when and where you need it.

  • 1 month advanced notice is required. 

How can I buy a dome? 

  • CONTACT US for more information about a custom dome for you.

How can the dome come to my hometown/event? 

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